We have been a family business in the ski industry since 1995 with a goal of assisting ski racers in developing their potential. With three racers in our family it was natural to become deeply involved in the sport and have spent many hours on the hills, in tuning rooms, talking to you (our customers) and in our "back shop."

Throughout our experience, we saw a great need in the ski and snowboard racing community for quality, accurate, easy to use tuning tools and reliable tuning information. BEAST Tuning was developed to meet this need.

BEAST Tuning has become a leader in supplying ski and snowboard racers with:

  1. A complete assortment of professional quality ski tuning and waxing tools to get you to the next level in your performance.
  2. References, articles, and video for easy to follow, proper tuning procedures to make your tuning life simple and easy.
  3. A 'Technical Support' staff available toll free (1-800-814-7223) or email us to discuss any of your questions about ski tuning.

Our hours are Monday-Saturday 9:30am to 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time (Closed Sundays).