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BEAST ski tuning files are noted for fast cutting and long life.

Made in the USA

Item# Item Name US MSRP Qty Add
3048A BEAST File- 6" L x 16mm W- Fine Cut
3048B BEAST File- 8" L x 20mm W- Fine Cut
3048C BEAST File- 8" L x 20mm W- Medium Cut
3048H BEAST File- 4" L x 20mm W- Pansar Coarse Cut
3048D BEAST File- 70mm Section- Medium Cut
3048E BEAST File- 70mm Section- Pansar Coarse Cut

  • Mill Cut

    BEAST Mill Files are offered in several configurations to satisfy personal preferences. The 8" mill in a medium cut is the most popular for basic set-up and everyday edge maintenance. The fine cut mill files are in several sizes to satisfy the discriminating ski tech wishing for a little smoother edge.

    BEAST 6" Fine - 16mm wide
    BEAST 8" Fine - 20mm wide
    BEAST 8" Medium - 20mm wide
  • 70mm File Sections

    Short 2 3/4" file sections for use in Side of BEAST or Pocket BEAST

    BEAST 70mm Mill - Medium
    BEAST 70mm Pansar - Coarse
  • Pansar Body File

    Aggressive file to set side edge angle or get seriously dull side edges back in shape. Also useful for sidewall planing.

    BEAST 4" Pansar - Coarse