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BEAST Wax 1-2-3

NEW BEAST Wax System

Simple ski waxing system by BEAST ski tuning company that takes a lot of the guesswork out of picking just the right wax for super fast skis. Waxing should be as easy as 1-2-3 and that is the foundation of BEAST wax. Base prep is important to the discriminating skier, so that is where the BEAST system starts, Zero. "1" is your Everyday Glide Wax with "2" as your race day wax with fluorocarbons added for reducing friction. Your final race day layer ends with "3", a fluorinated rub-on overlay for fast acceleration. Graphite is added to Zero-G and "1G" as an anti-static. What could be easier than 1-2-3?

Made in the USA
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BEAST Basic Ski Wax Kit BEAST Zero Base Prep Wax
BEAST Basic Ski Wax Kit

Kit Price: $99.00

BEAST 1 Everyday Glide Wax BEAST 1C Super Cold Glide Wax
BEAST 2 Race Performance Wax BEAST 3 Race Overlay Spray
BEAST Hi-Performance Wax Package