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BEAST Zero Base Prep Wax
BEAST Zero Base Prep Wax


All skis benefit by the use of base prep waxes. Most skis come from the factory with "dry" bases and it's necessary to fill bases with lubrication similar to putting oil in your engine. The NEW BEAST Zero Base Prep waxes are the best way to condition your skis with a unique blend of soft and hard waxes that work together to deeply penetrate your base and protect against abrasion.

Made in the USA

Item# Item Name US MSRP Qty Add
3112 BEAST Wax - ZERO Base Prep - 400g
3112A BEAST Wax - ZERO G Base Prep w/Graphite - 400g

    Deep penetrating conditioner. Combination of ultra-soft wax to deeply saturate and lubricate the base and an ultra-hard wax that stays close the surface for abrasion protection. 400g bar

    Anti-static, micro-graphite formulation of BEAST ZERO is the best base conditioner, even though it will discolor clear bases. 400g bar

More Info:

How often should you use Base Prep Waxes to condition ski bases?

Conditioning is especially important for new ski bases as they usually come dry from the factory. After the initial conditioning, use a base prep wax whenever the skis appear dry or dirty. Many top ski technicians will use a base conditioner every time they wax.