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Ski Base Structure

What is Ski Base Structure?

Structure is a pattern ground into the ski base primarily to repel water.

Stone gound base enlarged 100X
Stone ground base enlarged 100X.
  • Types of Structure

    There are a large variety of structure patterns available with the latest stone grinders. The two basic categories of grinds are Lineal and Cross Structure. While there are no absolutes the lineal patterns are used only for high speed DH and cross patterns are more common on most race skis.

    Lineal Pattern
    Lineal Pattern
    Cross Pattern
    Cross Pattern

    Why is Structure Important?

    The structure minimizes the friction between the ski base and the snow. It also helps to break suction in high moisture content snow.

    Cold Structure
    Cold, crystalline snow calls for smoother structure to minimize friction points.
    Wet Structure
    Wet snow requires coarser structure to create channels for water to be repelled from the base.